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Bruker AXS, a division of the Bruker Corporation (BRKR), is a global market and technology leader in materials research, life science and quality control instrumentation for structural and elemental analysis.

The solutions cover bulk material and surface sensitive X-ray diffraction, biological and chemical crystallography, wavelength and energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis, X-ray micro-computed tomography, optical emission spectroscopy, and combustion analysis.

Bruker AXS systems emphasize modularity and flexibility. We offer the widest available variety of sources, optics, sample environments and detectors, along with expert advice on configuring the optimal system. Entry-level system can be reconfigured or upgraded to meet changing requirements.

Our solutions are easy to operate using TouchControl and one-button automation. We build robust and compact instruments for harsh environments. Professional training and worldwide service is in place to support our customers.

Products and services

  • X-Ray Diffraction

    D2 PHASER - Powder XRD on a benchtop

    D8 ENDEAVOR - XRD for process and quality control

    D8 ADVANCE - Highly versatile all-purpose XRD solution

    D8 DISCOVER - Top-of-the-line XRD solution for material research

  • X-Ray Fluorescence

    S2 POLAR - Multi-element, polarized EDXRF analyzer

    S2 PUMA - Powerful, versatile benchtop XRF

    S2 KODIAK - Ultra-rugged XRF for inline process control

    S6 JAGUAR - Full WDXRF performance in a benchtop system

    S8 TIGER - Top-of-the-line sequential XRF

    S8 LION - Ultra-fast, simultaneous XRF for process control

  • Optical Emission Spectroscopy

    Q2 ION - Ultra-compact OES analyzer

    Q4 TASMAN -Advanced CCD-based benchtop OES

    Q4 MOBILE - New freedom with mobile OES

    Q8 MAGELLAN- High-end photomultiplier OES

  • Combustion Gas Analysis

    G4 ICARUS -Powerful combustion analyzer for C,S

    G4 PHOENIX - High-performance analyzer for diffusible hydrogen

    G8 GALILEO - Most flexible O,N,H analyzer

The S6 JAGUAR offers more analytical power with typically more than 50% reduced measurement times than any other compact WDXRF instrument, featuring its new compact WDXRF goniometer, closely coupled optics, and 400 W direct excitation power. Based on the brand new HighSense XE detector with its ultimate linear range of more than two Million cps, it delivers excellent accuracy and precision for quality control in industrial labs.

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The S2 POLAR is the Energy-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer for the petrochemical industry The S2 POLAR masters all requirements for S analysis from diesel to crude oils. This also includes continuous process control of higher sulfur levels in refineries as well as norm-compliant Ultra-Low Sulfur (ULS) analysis of final products. The S2 POLAR complies with the international S norms such as ASTM D7220, D4294, and ISO 13032.

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G4 ICARUS Series 2

The G4 ICARUS Series 2 is equipped with HighSenseTM LED-powered detectors based on Non-Dispersive UV (NDUV) absorption photometry for sulfur detection delivering a ten times better signal-to-noise ratio and a linear dynamic range of five orders of magnitude with no spectral or thermal interference.

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